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Gates automation


There are Russian-made and imported barriers, they are divided into electromechanical, automatic and hydraulic. All types of barriers consist of several parts: rack, motor, boom, control unit.

Easy maintenance, high speed and compactness made it possible to squeeze the doors that have become so familiar. These characteristics made it possible to quickly control automatic barriers. The price of such devices is quite affordable for any enterprise.

Garage doors

To automate sectional garage doors, electric drives are used, mainly of the rack type. This means that a rail equipped with a closed chain or a toothed polymer belt is installed along the gate above the upper level of the guides, to which the carriage is fixed.

The electric drive, installed at the end of the rail, with the help of a chain (belt), moving the carriage, raises or lowers the gate. Such drives have a low cost and a fairly high reliability, and all, by default, are equipped with an emergency release system in manual mode.

Industial gates

Automation for industrial gates is efficiency, reliability and operational safety in combination with the necessary functionality.

Industrial door operators - the professional solution for a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to the use of powerful electric motors and geared motors, industrial electric drives are precisely matched to the respective weight of the door structure.

Swing gates

Automation for swing gates has recently become one of the most popular automatic systems on the market for everyday use. This is due to the development of individual housing construction in some regions of our country. In addition, very often such systems are very often installed in commercial and industrial facilities, as they have great advantages in their design.

Sliding gates

Sliding gate automation is a modern, technological equipment for the automatic control of sliding gates. The main elements of the kit are: an electromechanical drive, a control unit and access systems: a remote keyfob, a code keypad, a card reader and other access control elements that allow you to open and close the gate.

Automatic sliding gates are most often used in industrial facilities, but recently, sliding automatic gates are increasingly used at various facilities.

Roller shutter

Shaft electric drives are used to automate roller shutters and a wide variety of sunshades. These drives have a degree of protection IP44 and are characterized by a fairly long service life. Several roller shutters can be controlled simultaneously using special control devices. To ensure the normal operation of the intra-shaft drives, a stable voltage of 220V 50 Hz is required.

Gates automation

Our company will not only carry out the supply and installation of gate equipment, but also provide maintenance of this equipment.

And for this we have a full range of spare parts and equipment for competent technical support of our customers.

Additional access and management kits are also required when upgrading and expanding existing systems.




Sectional garage doors


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